Saturday, July 22, 2006


Had planned to take my super 10 out for a spin.  But the 2 speed
gearbox was playing up (I hate it, I'm gonna put in the 1 speed).

Couldn't get the carb working so changes it, then the engine worked
fine.  But unfortunately I thing the brake/accel servo is buggered, so I
gave up on it today.  I went to a new RC shop and picked up some new
 differential cups for my TA05 (I broke the plastic one on the front in
the week).

Replacing the cups also gave me a chance to lube the bearings.

Next, body repair.  Just some red radz and glass tape.

Mmmmmmmm....  not the best job i've ever done.

I'm thinking about going to shiga prefecture to enter in the tamiya
grand prix round there.  But its really far away so I'll probably wait
until september for the round closer to me in tamano.


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