Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Not bad, not good.  I was racing in the GT Japan class using control 
(low grip) tires, and it got up to 38 degrees that day so it was really hot.
I finished 11th of 22 starters.  I qualified fifth in the B main, and if 
I could have finished 4th I would have qualified for the A main.  I
 only had one set of new tires and they looked very poor after the
 B final.  I also didn't swap the tires around (the left front took quite
 a battering) which is a mistake due to lack of experience.

I learnt a lot though; my car weighed in at 1650g, which is very
heavy since the weight limit was 1500g.  The body alone weighed in
at 160g.  Its all the repair work i've done for sure.  I also now
know that I need a front one way differential and a centre one too
if I can afford it.  Also, one of my differential bearings was shagged.
The cover had come off it but I had no spare so I just squirted oil
into the ball bearings.

All in all, not a bad result considering;  plus I drove crap in the heats.
This weekend is the Tamiya grandprix.  A national, plus its payday
on Friday so I can get all the things I need.  :-)


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