Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Shopping list

1. Front 1 way differential
2. Centre one way differential
3. New NSX body
4. Differential bearings (with rubber seals!)
5. Tamiya b3 tires and dish wheels

I just found something,  Scroll half way downto the R class result and look at the tall white guy  
in the middle!  Its from Last weekend, the Kyosho cup.  The guys in the
middle are the Sound Blues team, my friends from Kyushu.  The Fuji
Model guys (who won) have offered my a drive at the Wakayama round
in their team in September!

Action from the weekend at Fuji Model!

Action from the GT Japan class

The only way to go! (Yeah, I'm not cheap, I'm HARDCORE! GRRRRR.....)


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