Thursday, August 10, 2006

Drives good!

It took about a battery pack and a half to get used to but once I was happy with the brake set-up it was very nice to drive. I started with the kit standard tires and they were beautiful! Not too much grip but they really allowed the car to slide nice into the tighter turns.

I was really suprised at how low the brake setting must be. Too high and you have a hand brake! Once I put the Tamiya B3 ties on (its hot here) it really gripped well. Just needed a little brake in the right places. I feel good for the race on Saturday.

Also rebuilt the dampers. I didn't realise that in my ignorance I'd put the 1 hole damper piston in. I put the 3 hole in and it worked a charm. Also put the hard kit standard springs on the front and the mediums on the rear. Perfick!

Will finish upgrading tomorrow as its pay day. :)!!!


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