Sunday, September 17, 2006

Typhoon on the way!

As a result of the coming typhoon, the weather didn't play ball, and todays race at Wangan was called a result after the first two qualifing heats - only after I'd gone and bought a yokomo stock motor though :(
I had a few headaches at the race, tires were'nt working so well, and also I had to set-up my new Sanwa M8 control, and my Tamiya RZ gave up the ghost. I'd actually melted the commutator! That wasn't the only thing that melted either; it seems that stock motor racing is a lot harder on equipment since the Tamiya bettery connectors I was using melted too!

The most dissapointing thing was knowing that I could have gone faster...and that I didn't get much video, only the first GT class heat. Enjoy!


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